Heinde & Verre Factory

Heinde & Verre means “near and far”. The name pays homage to the Dutch tradition of sourcing the best ingredients worldwide and combining these with quality local produce. We use slow food techniques to develop the full potential of the grand cru cacao and to express its natural richness.

It takes time and dedication to get the best out of the cacao. In our factory in Rotterdam every single bean is selected by hand. For each type of bean we optimise every step of the chocolate making process. Our chocolate ages for at least three months to further develop its complex and lingering flavour.

Heinde & Verre produces both single origin chocolate and blends. A single origin expresses the distinct character of a type of cacao and its specific terroir. The art of blending makes the chocolate more balanced and complex.

We strive to work with traceable cacao, sourced directly from the farmers themselves. This ensures the farmers get a fair price and enables them to take care of both their workers and the environment.