Heinde & Verre chocolate is all natural, no artificial flavours, coloring and preservatives. We do not use alkalizing agents or any other chemicals as is standard practice in the industry. As a result our chocolate has a higher level of anti-oxidants. We just use Slow food techniques, the art of roasting, slow grinding and aging to get the best out of cacao beans.

Chocolate easily adopts flavours from its surrounding, therefore each bar is protected in an airtight aluminum pouch.


The ‘truffle’ among the cacao varieties


PORCELANA is made of rare and delicate beans from the Zulia Andes region in Venezuela, named after the porcelain white colour of the beans. Because of its exclusivity Porcelana is regarded as the ‘truffle’ among the cacao varieties.

Elegant, smooth and delicate chocolate with refined flavours of white fruit, nuts and honey. The complex and lingering aftertaste stays with you for the rest of the day.

• Dark chocolate, 71% Cacao
• Single origin: Venezuela, Zulia, Andes region (south of lake Maracaibo)
• Beet sugar from the Netherlands
• Medium-low roast profile


Fig 1.  Pouch 30 gram (SKU 103)

Fig 2. 60 gram 2 Bars Box (SKU 101)