Heinde & Verre chocolate is all natural, no artificial flavours, coloring and preservatives. We just use slow food techniques, the art of roasting, slow grinding and aging to get the best out of cacao beans.


Cacao in its purest form. Black chocolate. No sugar, no additives at all.


PORCELANA BLACK 100% is made of rare and delicate beans from the Zulia Andes region in Venezuela, named after the porcelain white colour of the beans. Because of its exclusivity Porcelana is regarded as the most delicate among the cacao varieties.

Cacao in its purest form: 100% Black, no sugar, no additives. We have selected this bean as our 100% bar because it is naturally low in acid and bitterness.

Tasting Notes:
A complex elegant lingering tatse of white fruit, herbs, flowers and nuts

• Black chocolate, 100% Cacao
• No Sugar, no additives
• Single origin: Venezuela, Zulia, Andes region


Porcelana Black 100% chocolate is available in a Two bar Box and a Single bar Pouch

Two bar Box inside