Heinde & Verre chocolate is all natural, no artificial flavours, coloring and preservatives. We just use slow food techniques, the art of roasting, slow grinding and aging to get the best out of cacao beans.

Balmy Brazil Milk

A new take on milk chocolate


Balmy Brazil is no ordinary milk chocolate. The low fat sweet buttermilk accentuates the complex notes and delivers an unique silky texture to organic Brazilian cacao. A perfect marriage for the multi-roast profile we give to this cacao. Notes of fruit, dairy, syrup, orange peel, tobacco and coffee can be discovered.

Heinde & Verre means “near and far”. The locally sourced Dutch sweet butter milk and beet sugar allows the organic Brazilian cacao to be fully appreciated. This bean is cultivated by the Coopoam farmer cooperative in the Pará Amazon region. All Heinde & Verre bars are locally crafted in Rotterdam by using slow food techniques and traditional Dutch roasting profiles.

• Dark Milk chocolate, 62% Cacao

• Cacao: Brazil, Pará, Amazon region
• Sweet butter milk from the Netherlands
• Beet sugar from The Netherlands


Balmy Brazil Milk 62% chocolate is available in a Two bar Box

Two bar Box inside