D R I N K I N G   C H O C O L A T E

Real chocolate, real natural rich flavours

drinking chocolate


No ordinary drinking chocolate

With H&V Drinking Chocolate every barista can brew a luxurious cup of hot chocolate, rich in flavour and a lush, creamy texture made of real chocolate. This is no ordinary “powder” chocolate drink.

Heinde & Verre offers a wide range of drinking chocolates where you can discover the flavour of a specific terroir or enjoy a new take on a Dutch classic.


D U T C H   O R I G I N A L   D R I N K

Made in the Dutch flavour tradition, each cup offers refined tones of rich chocolate and fruity notes. The Dutch Original is made from the whole bean and not just cocoa powder. This provides for a lush, creamy texture with a nice chocolaty bite. Available Dutch Flavours:

Dutch Original 71% Rich chocolate, red fruit, coffee
Dutch Original 85% Rich chocolate, red fruit, coffee
Dutch Original Speculaas 69% Rich chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves
Dutch Original & Banana 55% Rich mild chocolate, banana


Perfect pair with your milk of choice

Heinde & Verre drinking chocolate is not pre-mixed. You as a barista or consumer decide what perfect milk pairing works for you. The profile of the Dutch Original is optimised to compliment milk or any milk alternative. Dutch Original is extra comforting when combined with a milk-alternative such as oat-milk and almond-milk.

Quicker to prepare than a cappuccino

As a barista you have several ways to prepare H&V drinking chocolate. Depending on your desired texture, presentation style and bar flow you can choose a method that fits your needs. To get you started we have prepared an overview of preparation methods weighing the pro and cons.


Milk (alternative) in pitcher
Scoop desired intensity
Add to pitcher
Heat and foam
Perpare serving



S I N G L E   O R I G I N   D R I N K

A single origin drinking chocolate offers a flavour journey in each cup. Every sip takes you closer to a specific terroir. Available flavours:

Fruity Piura Peru 71% Red and passion fruit, nuts, coffee
La Dominica 71% Strong chocolate bite, bread, honey, white fruit, coffee
Floral Noble Bali 71% Flowers, herbs, honey, grappa
Zesty Venezuela 71% Coffee, citrus, tangarine, orange, green herbs, laurel and liquorice



All drinking chocolate varieties are delivered in a 5 Kg resealable scooping bucket containing 140 – 250 servings (depending on your serving cup size and desired intensity). A 35 gram scoop is available for large servings of 240/250 ml per cup.