DUTCH BLEND DARK is a composition of premium cacao origins from Indonesia and the West-Indies, that reminds us of the rich Dutch chocolate history. Creating a blend is an art in itself, it brings more complexity and balance to the chocolate.

TASTING NOTES: Crafted in the Dutch flavour tradition, this blend has a medium roast profile and a profound yet mild and lingering flavour with hints of banana, grape, sandalwood and honey.

DARK CHOCOLATE, 71% Cacao, origins:
• Venezuela, Zulia, Andes region
• Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan region
• Brzail, Pará, Amazon region
• Beet sugar from the Netherlands


A variety of in-house developed techniques is used to craft the unique Heinde & Verre chocolate. The cacao beans of one single farmer are handselected and roasted in multiple ways to bring out as many flavours as possible.

H&V Roasting
H&V Stone Ground



Each Heinde & Verre box contains 2 bars, one bar for now, one for later. At Heinde & Verre we take chocolate and your enjoyment very serious. Quality chocolate needs to be protected so we have developed the perfect packaging to preserve all the natural flavours. An aluminium pouch protects against light, humidity, dust and dirt. A double air tight seal protects against odours. We have extracted part of the air to reduce oxidisation and moisture.