Warm winter chocolate based on a classic Dutch cookie


The original Dutch chocolate tradition is known for the art of blending premium cacao. Now enriched with the famous Dutch Speculaas cookie flavour, Dutch Basterd sugar and creamy Dutch milk.

For this typical winter taste profile we went back to each of the individual spices in the classic speculaasmix to discover its particular flavour role in the famous cookie. A new mix of 7 spices was found, and the recipe for speculaas spices was redesigned for this chocolate. The flavours of the spices are nicely integrated by grinding them together on stone with cacao for 90 hours. The chocolate is sweetened with traditional Dutch Basterd sugar which is normally used in Speculaas cookies. This enhances the caramel profile of the bar.

Awarded Silver at the Academy of Chocolate • 2023


Warm yourselve this winter with the generous flavours of: chocolate, caramel, milk, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, kardemom, cloves, white pepper and koriander.

Dutch Original Speculaas Milk
Öko Caribe Farmers
Norandino Amazonas Farmers
Kerta Semaya Samaniya Farmers


The organic certified cacao in this blend is grown in agro forestry systems amongst other crops. Three single origins from The Dominican Republic, Peru and Bali bring excitement to the Dutch Original Blend.

Öko Caribe comes from 165 farmers nestled in the heart of the Duarte province in the Dominican Republic. This award winning cacao is famous for its consistent quality. The farmers receives continuously agricultural training. Öko Caribe provides micro-finance loans for its members when needed. The cacao is characterised by earthiness, coffee and red fruit.

The Peruvian cacao is grown by Norandino farmers from the Amazonas region. The farmer cooperative’s mission is to improve livelihoods and social and environmental responsibility for all their members. The cacao adds a pleasant impression of red fruit, firm cacao and herbs.

The Balinese cacao is grown by the 230 Kerta Semaya Samaniya Farmers (KSS) in the Jembrana region of the Island, famous for its volcanic fertile soils. In 2011, KSS managed to grow the first organic cacao in South-East Asia. The cacao is known for floral, mild chocolate and herbal notes.



Heinde & Verre means “near and far”. The locally sourced Dutch cow milk and beet sugar allows the cacao flavours to be fully appreciated.

☐ Single Origin
☑︎ Blend of multiple origins
☑︎ Three Single Cooperatives
☐ Single Estate
☐ Single genotype
☑︎ Mix of genotypes
☐ Organic
☑︎ Organic Certified
☐ Single Roast
☑︎ Multiple Roasting profiles

☐ Single batch aged chocolate
☐ Solera Style aged mix

☑︎ Stone ground
☐ Two stage grinding
☐ Two stage conching

☑︎ Dutch Basterd Sugar
☑︎ Dutch Cow Milk
☑︎ Speculaas spice blend:
  white pepper
☑︎ Sunflower Lecithine
☑︎ Milk / Lactose
☐ Nuts
☐ Soy
☐ Gluten
☐ Egg
☑︎ Direct/Transparent Trade
☑︎ Non GMO
☐ Vegan



A variety of in-house developped techniques is used to craft the unique Heinde & Verre chocolate. The cacao beans of one single farmer are handselected and rosted in multile ways to bring out as many flavours as possible.

H&V Roasting

H&V Stone Ground



Each Heinde & Verre box contains 2 bars, one bar for now, one for later. At Heinde & Verre we take chocolate and your enjoyment very serious. Quality chocolate needs to be protected so we have developed the perfect packaging to preserve all the natural flavours. A kraft pouch protects against light, humidity, dust and dirt. A double air tight seal protects against odours. We have extracted part of the air to reduce oxidisation and moisture.