We are proud to announce that two of our Milk chocolate bars have been awarded with a bronze medal by the Academy of Chocolate.

Noble Bali Vegan Mylk 55%: awarded Bronze in the category milk chocolate.

We are thrilled that our in-house developed vegan milk alternative stood up to the tough competition in the category of regular milk bars! This is exactly what we had in mind when we crafted our recipe: a non-milk alternative that pampers all senses. Good news for the growing community of vegans and lactose intolerant out there, no need to compromise anymore when you are craving for a quality chocolate milk bar.

The Vegan Noble Bali Mylk contains a mix of natural, allergen free ingredients to capture the essence of milk chocolate: natural sweetness, soft notes of caramel, chalky heartiness, and a creamy texture with a mellow melt.

Dutch Blend Milk 55%: awarded with a Bronze Medal.

This bar is a blend of three origins and two types of Dutch cow milk. This award encourages us in our belief that blends can be at least as good as single origin craft chocolate. Amongst the hundreds of milk bars presented at Chocoa 2020 earlier this year, this bar was already selected in the top four favourites by Clay Gordon.

Dutch Blend Milk is a typical milk chocolate, in the Dutch tradition. The combination of three origins bring complexity to the chocolate. The combination of whole milk and butter milk gives the bar a creamy texture while preserving the complex notes of the cacao.

Additionally, our Creamy Noble Bali Milk 55% bar and the Limited Nicaragua Dark 71% are also commended by the Academy of Chocolate.

Happy times!