H & V    F O R   P R O F E S S I O N A L S

Take your creation to the next flavour level with our award winning chocolate. With H&V Drinking Chocolate every barista can brew a luxurious cup of hot chocolate, rich in flavour and a lush, creamy texture. This is no ordinary “powder” chocolate drink.

For all restaurants, bonbon makers, chocolatiers and bakeries we offer a wide range of natural rich couvertures that add extra flavour depth to your creation.



D R I N K I N G   C H O C O L A T E

Real chocolate, real natural rich flavours

drinking chocolate

Dutch Original

The profile of the Dutch Original is optimised to compliment milk or any milk alternative. Made in the Dutch flavour tradition, each cup offers refined tones of rich chocolate and fruity notes. The Dutch Original is made from the whole bean and not just cocoa powder. This provides for a lush, creamy texture with a nice chocolaty bite. Dutch Original Milk is extra comforting when combined with a milk-alternative such as oat-milk and almond-milk.

Dutch Original Dark 71% Rich chocolate, red fruit, coffee
Dutch Original Extra Dark 85% Rich chocolate, red fruit, coffee
Dutch Original Mild 55% Rich mild chocolate, banana
Dutch Original Speculaas Dark 69% Rich chocolate, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves


Single Origin

A single origin drinking chocolate offers a flavour journey in each cup. Every sip takes you closer to a specific terroir.

Available single origins:

Fruity Piura Peru Dark 71% Red and passion fruit, nuts, coffee
Bold Brazil Dark 71% Black coffee, fruit, herbal
La Dominica Dark 71% Strong chocolate bite, bread, honey, white fruit, coffee
Floral Noble Bali Dark 71% Flowers, herbs, honey, grappa
Zesty Venezuela Dark 71% Coffee, citrus, tangarine, orange, green herbs, laurel and liquorice
Vegan Noble Bali Mylk 55% White fruit, flowers, caramel, cocos, banana


Quicker to prepare than a cappuccino

As a barista you have several ways to prepare H&V drinking chocolate. Depending on your desired texture and presentation style you can consider the 1) Quick Steam method, 2) Latte Art method and the 3) Home Made way


All drinking chocolate varieties are available in a 5 Kg scooping bucket containing 140 – 250 servings (depending on your serving cup size and desired intensity). A 35 gram scoop is available.




For Bonbon makers, chocolatiers, chefs and bakeries, Heinde & Verre offers a wide range of couvertures. When flavour is key to your culinary creation, H&V couvertures, both blends and single origins, will add extra flavour depth.

Awarded Vegan Milk Alternative

Heinde & Verre vegan mylk is a totally new milk chocolate experience. In-house we have developed our own vegan milk alternative to create a unique rich and creamy chocolate.

Our vegan mylk is a lactose- and allergen free alternative for regular milk chocolate that pampers all senses. The mix of ingredients captures the essence of milk chocolate: natural sweetness, soft notes of caramel, heartiness and a creamy texture with a mellow melt.

During the Academy of Chocolate competition our Vegan recipe stood up to the competition and won a gold and silver medal in the category of regular milk bars. A true high quality milk alternative.

Available flavours

• Floral Noble Bali Dark 71%
• Zesty Venezuela Dark 71%
• Fruity Piura Peru Dark 71%
• La Dominica Dark 71%
• Lush Noble Bali Milk 55%
• Smooth Piura Peru Milk 61%

• Vegan Noble Bali Mylk 55%

• H&V Couverture Dark 70%

• H&V Couverture Milk 50%
• H&V Couverture Vegan Mylk 50%

• H&V Couverture White 40%
• H&V Couverture Vegan White 40%

Couverture is delivered in an air tight pack of 600 gram, containing 6 blocks of 100 gram each.




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