The H&V aluminum pouch is improved. With the added tear notch it is now easier to open the pouch by hand. Very convenient when you are on the go or just having some H&V chocolate with your coffee.  The high quality material ensures that the chocolate is sealed airtight and protected against unwanted odors, light and moisture.


A perfect spot to learn more about cacao. This place is rich in chocolate history and quality chocolate bars. Visit the team of Zaans Gedaan Cacao Lab and they will be happy to explain everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate. We are happy that Heinde & Verre chocolate is now available in this historic place.

Kalverringdijk 25, Zaandam


Evermore is a family company focused on delivering the highest quality single origin tea, coffee and chocolate. Their philosophy is only to select products which make the whole supply chain happy. We wholeheartedly agree and we are happy that Evermore is our first sale point in Rotterdam. Drop by for a home roasted cup of coffee or tea and pair it with a nice piece of single origin Heinde & Verre chocolate.

Coolhaven 158A, Rotterdam