We hebben er maar vier van in Nederland. In Rotterdam staat er eentje: een kleinschalige chocoladefabriek waar op ambachtelijke wijze single origin chocolade wordt gemaakt. Ewald Rietberg en Jan Willem Jekel produceren chocola van Heinde & Verre.

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Our Porcelana Dark 71% is now part of the November subscription box of The Chocolate Bar in New Zealand. It is the first time that our chocolate is crossing borders and let’s start at the other side of the globe! The label on the back is especially designed for The Chocolate Bar New Zealand. Happen to be in New Zealand? Grab one, it’s going to be a collectible 😉

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“Chocolade met een wolkje melk”, chocolate with a “cloud” of milk as we tend to say in The Netherlands. This new Heinde & Verre dark milk bar of 54% combines cacao from Venezuela, Bali and Brazil with creamy Dutch cow milk.

Crafted in the Dutch flavour tradition this milk bar reminds us of the rich Dutch chocolate history and dairy tradition. The blend of premium cacao origins brings complexity and depth to this bar. The combination of the full-bodied Dutch Milk and the fruitiness of the cacao brings a natural hearty flavour to the chocolate.

• Cacao from Venezuela, Zulia, Andes region
• Cacao from Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan region
• Cacao from Brazil, Pará, Amazon region
• Cow milk from the Netherlands
• Beet sugar from the Netherlands

Red and white fruit, caramel and herbs


Cacao in its purest form: Porcelana Black, 100% cacao, no sugar, no additives.

We have selected this Venezuelan bean as our 100% bar because it is naturally low in acid and bitterness. The art of slow grinding and aging made this bar surprisingly light for a 100% cacao bar.

Tasting notes: complex elegant lingering taste of white fruit, herbs, flowers and nuts.



BLOSSOM BALI is our new single origin grand cru white chocolate bar. Made of premium cacao butter from organically grown sun dried beans from the Indonesian isle of Bali. The perfect match for quality Dutch cow milk and sugar beet.

A roaring bouquet of flowers, butter, herbs and honey pampers your senses when opening this package. The natural rich cacao butter is so exciting, aromatic and savoury, that no vanilla or other flavouring is needed.


Smells Like Chocolate is a small but significant cacao boutique in a beautiful historic location, on your way from the train station Zaandijk to the famous open air museum “Zaanse Schans”.  At arms length of the location of Holland’s famous cacao processing industry.  Smells Like Chocolate not only sells chocolate and related products, also Ingmar and Kinito facilitate cacao workshops, and you can have a lovely hot chocolate milk or coffee to match you favourite chocolate. The perfect place for a truly good chocolate advice and a very nice selection of Dutch quality chocolate including Heinde & Verre.

Lagedijk 14, Zaandijk


A chocolate gallery that specializes in artisan chocolate bars from all around the world. Stocked with eclectic premium chocolate this is the place where you can discover all the variety the chocolate world has to offer. Very serious chocolate indeed and we are happy that Heinde & Verre chocolate is part of the selection. When in Amsterdam, drop by for a “choco-consult”. We promise this shop is well worth the visit.

Hazenstraat 25-A, Amsterdam


The words quality and charm come to mind when meeting Monique. Active for more than 18 years in wine and delicacies, she has a keen eye for discovering fine and exclusive products. Wine and chocolate can be paired in wonderful combinations. We believe that 12% of meer and Heinde & Verre chocolate are also a perfect match. You can always contact Monique for tailor made advice or original business gifts.

Houtkaai 1, Middelburg


When you meet mr. Houtman and mr. Menkveld you know you are in good hands. The gentlemen are full of advice and tips and personal service has a real meaning here. Their specialties are high quality Italian delicacies and cheeses from the famous Betty Koster ‘s Fromagerie L’Amuse. We are proud that Heinde & Verre’s chocolate is now part of the stock.

Westerkade 24, Rotterdam


The H&V aluminum pouch is improved. With the added tear notch it is now easier to open the pouch by hand. Very convenient when you are on the go or just having some H&V chocolate with your coffee.  The high quality material ensures that the chocolate is sealed airtight and protected against unwanted odors, light and moisture.