Lebensgenießer und Feinschmecker in Köln und Umgebung wissen genau, wo man die besten Schokoladen kaufen kann. Wir sind froh und stolz , dass Heinde & Verre Schokoladen jetzt auch verfügbar sind bei Hernando Cortez Schokoladen. Herzlichen Dank Marco für Ihre Betreuung.

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In the latest edition of KoffieTCacao Magazine our Vibrant Peru White chocolate bar received the perfect score! In a blind test Caroline Lubbers kindly labelled it as “the white gold”. We are glad that the harmonious complexity of both creaminess and fruitiness was clearly recognised.

Vibrant Peru White 37%, the all natural white bar without any additives. The natural flavour of this chocolate is so vibrant, rich and creamy that it doesn’t need vanilla or flavouring. It’s hard to find natural cocoa butter of such an impeccable quality that is rich enough to craft an all-natural white bar.


We are proud to be part of the German Once Upon a Bean initiative from Marvin and Lisa. With their project they are aiming to bring the best bean-to-bar chocolate, stories and information directly to your house.

We support their initiative with all our heart and chocolate. Viel Erfolg!



Thanks to Brian and Carlene from the Chocolate Seekers we are now available in the United Kingdom. They make the extra effort to seek out new chocolate makers which are not represented in the UK yet. We are excited to be part of the growing collection of the Chocolate Seekers.

Curious how aged chocolate tastes? Try the Aged Noble Bali. Or perhaps looking for a non-dairy milk bar alternative? Check out our award winning Vegan Noble Bali.

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We are proud to announce that two of our Milk chocolate bars have been awarded with a bronze medal by the Academy of Chocolate.

Noble Bali Vegan Mylk 55%: awarded Bronze in the category milk chocolate.

We are thrilled that our in-house developed vegan milk alternative stood up to the tough competition in the category of regular milk bars! This is exactly what we had in mind when we crafted our recipe: a non-milk alternative that pampers all senses. Good news for the growing community of vegans and lactose intolerant out there, no need to compromise anymore when you are craving for a quality chocolate milk bar.

The Vegan Noble Bali Mylk contains a mix of natural, allergen free ingredients to capture the essence of milk chocolate: natural sweetness, soft notes of caramel, chalky heartiness, and a creamy texture with a mellow melt.

Dutch Blend Milk 55%: awarded with a Bronze Medal.

This bar is a blend of three origins and two types of Dutch cow milk. This award encourages us in our belief that blends can be at least as good as single origin craft chocolate. Amongst the hundreds of milk bars presented at Chocoa 2020 earlier this year, this bar was already selected in the top four favourites by Clay Gordon.

Dutch Blend Milk is a typical milk chocolate, in the Dutch tradition. The combination of three origins bring complexity to the chocolate. The combination of whole milk and butter milk gives the bar a creamy texture while preserving the complex notes of the cacao.

Additionally, our Creamy Noble Bali Milk 55% bar and the Limited Nicaragua Dark 71% are also commended by the Academy of Chocolate.

Happy times!



In our factory we keep a private stock of cacao and chocolate just to pleaseand train our own taste buds. However, every now and then we come across a small lot, something unusual, something special that we would like to share with our customers: the limited edition micro batch from Lot #14. We have made only 100 two-bar boxes. That’s it.


The Nicaragua Dark 71% is a blend made of four genotypes of Nicaragua cacao grown and fermented by Ingemann: Chuno, Tuma. tenor and Rugoso. The result is a “not for beginners” chocolate bar with strong dark notes that hit your palate immediately, followed by flavours of liquorice, tobacco, green herbs and grapefruit in the finish.

Also, as you will notice in the aftertaste, there is still a considerable amount of tannin in the chocolate bar which activates the mouth. Tannin supports the “ageing potential” of this bar. As an interesting experiment you could eat one bar now and leave the other bar to further “age” for at least another 6 to 9 months. Our prediction: the tannin will make way for more mellow flavours of dark chocolate, herbs and fruit.


Fine fresh fruit

For our new Piura Peru Dark 71% chocolate bar we used the rare Piura Blanco cacao. The typical brilliant and light colour of the bean preludes its complex lingering and fruity flavour. Voted as best Peruvian cacao in 2016, this bar is a fine addition to the H&V collection.

For this bar we have used two different roasting profiles. The first one highlights notes of fresh fruit. The second roast brings out lovely mellow notes of nuts and a warm aftertaste of caramel and coffee.

Native to Peru, the beans grow in the high Piura Valley region. We source the Piura Blanco from Norandino cooperative that strives to improve social, economic and environmental circumstances of the farmers.

Check out our website for the whole story behind this bar


Cream of the crop, our new milk bar “Creamy Noble Bali 55%”.

This bar offers the best of both worlds: a harmonious balance between creamy Dutch cow milk and full-bodied chocolate of delightful Balinese cacao. The most generous of all Heinde & Verre milk bars. All rich flavours are delivered in a lovely melt.

Tasting notes: aromas of cream and flowers. Notes of coffee, white fruit and a strong yet delicate presence of chocolate in the mid palate, Finally a distinct heartiness of salted caramel in the aftertaste.

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How to follow up on our very popular bar Blossom Bali White?  The search was long but with the help of a friend we found lovely fruity cacao in de San Martín region of Peru. Ideal for making a white bar 🙂

Let us present the new “Vibrant Peru White 37%”, the all natural white bar without any additives. The natural flavour of this chocolate is so vibrant, rich and creamy that it doesn’t need vanilla or flavouring.

Tasting notes: a wide range of natural flavours can be discovered such as: lychee, clotted cream, cacao, grenache blanc wine grapes, custard, vibrant fruity after taste.

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Heinde & Verre chocolade is nu ook verkrijgbaar ik het “Lokaal Deluxe” Kerstpakket van Rechtstreex. Boordevol met heerlijkheden uit de omgeving van Rotterdam. Ideaal voor personeel of zakenrelaties. Je steunt direct lokale ondernemers en helpt de regio te verduurzamen.

Om te bestellen: bel of mail naar Pien Muijser (zakelijk beheer) zakelijk@rechtstreex.nl / 06-24442528 of kijk voor meer informatie op Rechtstreex